January 17, 2018

The White Carb You SHOULD eat

White rice, white sugar and white flour products…you’ve heard white carbs are ‘bad’ because:

  1. They lack fibre.
  2. Their naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals have been stripped during processing.
  3.  They contain rapidly-absorbed carbohydrates–which can lead to fat storage and consequent weight gain.

True, true and true.  But are all white foods ‘white death”?

Here’s a nutritious exception to the rule: CAULIFLOWER!cauliflower florets colours

This white cruciferous vegetable is rich in most of the same nutrients that broccoli and kale are famous for:

Folate: a B vitamin used for healthy cell division (it’s not just for making healthy babies!)

Vitamin C: vital for healthy blood vessels (so they don’t tear), and immunity (to fight infectious agents)

Vitamin K: to support blood coagulation (so we don’t hemorrhage when we injure ourselves)

Indoles: sulfur-containing compounds used by the liver to purify our blood by transforming toxins into less harmful, easily excretable compounds

Soluble fiber: This is the gentle, invisible fiber that improves our solid waste elimination experience.  There’s over 9 grams of fibre in just 100 calories-worth of cauliflower!

Low-calorie: Only 29 calories per cup!

Now that you’ve seen how nutritious cauliflower is, here’s a great low-carb recipe I created to use in place of mashed potatoes:














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