Estrogen Detox Program

My Estrogen Detox Program provides nutritional support for symptoms associated with estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance means that the hormone estrogen and its mimickers are influencing the way your body functions and feels at a Vintage Balance Scaletime in your menstrual cycle when it should not be in charge. While men do not have a menstrual cycle, they are even more sensitive to the effects of estrogen through  inadvertent environmental and dietary exposures.

Take the Estrogen Dominance Quiz.  Does this sound like you?


1. Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis and/ or have very painful periods?

2. Do you hafemale symbolve uterine fibroids?

3. Do you suffer from interstitial cystitis?

4. Have you had difficulty conceiving naturally?

5. Are you overweight?

6. Have you in the past/do you take oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

7. Do you have a history or family history of breast cancer?

8. Do you have fibrocystic breasts?

In the week before your period:

1. Do you suffer from abdominal bloating?

2. Do you suffer from irritability, moodiness or depression?

3. Do you experience breast tenderness and/or enlargement of the breasts?

4. Do you experience food cravings?

male symbolMen:

1. Do you have ‘man boobs’ ?

2. Are you experiencing a decline in sexual performance?

3. Are you overweight?

4. Do you have ‘prostate trouble’?

5. Do you or  have you had prostate cancer?

6. Do you suffer from premature balding?


male and femaleFemale and Male: In your daily life:

1. Do you use fragranced laundry or body care products?

2. Do you consume processed foods?

3.  Do you drink alcohol or caffeine?

4. Do you eat conventionally grown fruits and vegetables?

5. Do you experience constipation?

6. Are you exposed to new plastics, upholstery and electronics in your home or workplace?

The more answers you have said “YES” to, the more likely you will benefit from my Estrogen Detox program.  Even one ‘yes’ can mean you are over-exposed to estrogens.   Contact me today and book a consultation to begin your customized program.




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