Client often ask me, as a nutritionist, what do I eat, how do I exercise, and how do I stay healthy? Here, I list 3 of my daily non-negotiables. That means that unless I am really under the weather or traveling that day, I make no exceptions. In fact I prioritize these habits. Remember that good habits don’t have to be particularly creative or exciting to work for you. I find consistency is key.

I eat breakfast. I don’t drink coffee at all, but as for breakfast I can’t go without it. Otherwise, I feel anxious, light-headed, forgetful and grouchy! I usually wake up hungry, so it’s something that’s easy to justify making the time for. If you want to recreate my breakfast porridge yourself, here are the finer details. This breakfast keeps me going for about 3 to 4 hours, until lunch time.

I aim to get 8 hours of sleep. I wish I didn’t need this much, but I do—and often more after a 3 k swim or especially busy day that involves a lot of conversation. For sleep tips check out my Sleep webinar.

I spend time outside. Fresh air and sunlight make a big difference to my energy and mood, even my sleep quality. Even if it’s -20 C, I get my layers on, bundle up and get out there. It can be invigorating at first, but I’m always feel better for it afterwards. Year round I aim to go for at least 1  x 40 minute walk daily, and in the summer, I’m swimming outside about 5 days a week.

What are some of the things you do daily that make you feel good?

By Andrea

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