Body Composition Analysis

BIA demo


Gain insight into your cellular health status through bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA). BIA is a non-invasive, accurate method of assessing:

  • body fat
  • lean mass
  • cellular hydration
  • … and more.

BIA is an integral part of your health assessment. Personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations can be made from these results.

We can use your BIA results to measure your progress as you take the steps towards a healthier body.

Benefits of having an electronic body composition assessment (BIA)

  • Quick results: the BIA  takes only seconds to obtain your body composition data.
  • Useful data: Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health. With early detection of an unhealthy body composition, early intervention and prevention measures can be put in place.
  • Non-invasive: BIA allows you to lie comfortably clothed on an exam table. It’s also a painless measurement.
  • Minimal preparation needed:  No fasting or dietary restrictions are required before your measurement.  As long as future measurements are performed under the same conditions, you’ll get accurate, useful data.

Who Needs a BIA?

  • individuals looking to  gain lean mass
  • individuals looking to reduce body fat
  • any individual who wishes to use diet and/or exercise to improve health

How does it work?

Bio-electrical impedance analysis uses elements of physics to obtain results. Essentially, it identifies how well a person conducts electricity. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, while fat is an obstacle to electric current.  These fundamental physics facts are responsible for the generation of results.

Is there any preparation needed?

No.  Please conduct yourself as you normally would on the day of the measurements to get accurate results.  For example, if you normally exercise each morning, make sure you follow a similar work out intensity and length on the day of the body comp.  No forms need completing (except for a waiver once you arrive at the office).

How much does it cost?

An initial body composition assessment is $60 + HST and includes interpretation and discussion complete with a copy of your results.

Follow-up assessments are $35 + HST.  (This fee is waived if a package of nutritional counseling sessions has been purchased.)

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