human organsThere are a lot of detox programs out there. I don’t mean for alcohol or other drug addictions; I am talking about nutritional detox programs.  Many of them are reputedly “easier”  to do, or ‘faster’ to do; some are ‘cheaper’ than others.  Some claim that you have to feel worse before you feel better, and so if you feel hungover you must be doing it right, and the toxins must be coming out. Right? Actually, this is a misconception. Beware of detox programs that tell you this is normal. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be this way in order to work.  In a moment I will tell you how to recognize a good nutritional detox and why it should make you feel BETTER while you’re on it, not worse. But first, some Elimination 101:

Each of our bodies’ thousands of metabolic processes can be grouped into one of three types of activities. These 3 main daily activities are:

1. Building new tissues, hormones, enzymes et cetera, with nutrients.

2. Cleansing itself of toxins and waste products via the five channels of elimination, with nutrients.

3. Maintaining structure and function–with nutrients.

So, as you can see, none of these 3 essential activities that keep you alive and well can happen without NUTRIENTS.  Nutritional modifications are the key to keeping the five channels of elimination working for us: the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin.

The Liver

See, the liver serves as a kind of  ‘transformation station’ that converts toxins into less harmful substances before they can be excreted via the other channels of elimination.  This process is impossible without the production and action of enzymes: specialized protein molecules that make chemical reactions happen. Enzymes cannot be made without nutrients—vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  So, if we can’t transform toxins without nutrients, then we cannot detoxify without nutrients—and it goes without saying, the right balance of nutrients is required to be effective.

Headache woman If it feels bad, it may NOT be working

A well-designed, balanced nutritional detoxification program will increase your energy, promote clearer skin, better sleep, better digestion, et cetera. In essence, it should help you feel better.  If your symptoms worsen or you get new symptoms while doing a detox, then you are not getting the nutritional support you need to get the detoxification work done.  Take these juice fasts, for instance. While they contain some essential vitamins,  minerals and carbohydrates, they are devoid of protein.  Proteins are essential for providing the building blocks for those liver enzymes I mentioned!  This is why my detoxification program contains quality proteins, and in effect, I believe in turn that this is why clients have such positive experiences: they are getting the liver support they require during the cleanse.

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By Andrea

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