Your First Consultation

How to prepare for your first nutritional consultation:

  • List dosages of each nutritional supplement you take regularly
  • List dosages of each prescribed or over-the-counter medication you are currently taking.

Download the questionnaires at the bottom of this page; complete and return at least 24 hours before your appointment:


Initial Consultation Fee: $160 (Canadian residents add HST)

Follow-up sessions: $80 per 30 minutes (Canadian residents add HST)

Packages of sessions are available. Please ask me for more details.

More About Your First Consultation

Your session will take place VIRTUALLY and will be approximately 1 hour in duration. It will include:

  • an interactive discussion about your health goals and concerns
  • an in-depth review of your personal and family health history
  • careful analysis of any nutritional supplements and medications you take
  • some dietary and supplement recommendations to start right away

Ask me about the benefits of purchasing one of my nutritional counseling packages of follow-up sessions.

Ready to book your first appointment? 

Remember to complete and return the four forms below:


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