Inside the 21st-century overweight male there is some interesting chemistry going on.  With the help of the enzyme aromatase, a man’s testosterone is converting into estrogen. The disturbing truth is that the more body fat he has, the more estrogen receptors he has, so the more vulnerable he is to the following side effects:

1.       Impotence

2.       Reduced libidojack needs bra

3.       Reduced fertility

4.       Decreased muscle tone

5.       Increased body fat

6.       enlarged prostate (BPH)

7.       Increased risk of diabetes

8.       Increased risk of heart disease

9.       Increased risk of stroke

10. Increased risk of cancer, especially prostate cancerbra black pink

11.   Mammary gland growth (‘man boobs’)


 The human male physiology is not equipped to handle the xeno-estrogens that pervade our environment, our food and our water—not to mention endogenous estrogens (the ones made by the body). 

Men are excellent candidates for an estrogen detoxification program—which lowers circulating estrogens and allow testosterone to dominate in the manner it should. 

Fortunately, there are nutritional modifications that will help lower an excessive estrogen load. Some of these foods and phyto-chemicals help the liver process estrogens better, while others lower body fat and therefore estrogen load.  A good estrogen detox supports all channels of elimination to rid excessive estrogen from the body on daily, timely basis.   If you are willing to modify your diet, incorporate some organic foods and are willing to do an inventory and makeover of your personal care products, then you will not be disappointed in the results you get from an estrogen detox!

By Andrea

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