Do you own a rebounder? A rebounder is a trampoline for one. It’s a fun way to exercise, or take a break from desk work.

Why bounce?

Bouncing on a low-impact, flexible surface is good for you for several reasons:

1. It provides cardiovascular exercise.

2. It’s easy on the joints.trampoline

3. It reduces water retention.

4. It supports the immune system.

5. It stimulates lymphatic drainage.

What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels (“highways”) and nodes ( “stations”) that pick up wastes from the tissues and the bloodstream and sends them to the waste disposal department. It’s actually part of your immune system.

How is it different from the circulatory system?  It’s a unique system because muscular movement is essential to get lymph fluid to move effectively. There is no pump!

Without physical movement, the lymph fluid stagnates. This means bacteria  can invade and multiply in a stagnant area of the body. This is also part of the reason why patients who are immobilized for weeks at a time during convalescence are vulnerable to infection: stagnant lymph.

Without lymph nodes and vessels, you would accumulate a LOT of fluid between your cells, resulting in edema (swelling). Any woman who has undergone a mastectomy with axillary lymph node removal will be vulnerable to lymphedema and requires special ongoing therapy to remove the accumulated fluid.

What a Difference!

I found a huge difference in ease of bounce when I upgraded from a $40 rebounder from a local big-box store to a higher-quality one sold by a specialty manufacturer.

Burger, Soda Can  and FriesNutrition Influences The Lymph

Exercise is vital for a healthy lymphatic system, but equally important is nutrition and avoidance of toxins. The lymphatic system works best when the fluid is thinner as opposed to thicker. What you eat can determine the viscosity (thickness) of your lymph fluid. If you have water retention or swollen glands it’s a sign your lymphatic system could use some support. A detoxification program can be a great place to start. It’s something to think about while you’re bouncing on your rebounder!


By Andrea

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