Question: What common mineral deficiency do North Americans have that if corrected, could result in major profit losses for the pharmaceutical companies?


This essential mineral is involved in over 300 enzyme systems in the body.

Translation: magnesium is one important nutrient! The more processed our diets are, the less magnesium we get, and the more ways the body will complain:

Do you get painful muscle cramps and/or muscle twitching? Magnesium supports proper muscle relaxation after contraction occurs.

Are you frequently constipated? Magnesium supports healthy elimination through the bowels.

Do you have high blood pressure? Magnesium works in tandem with calcium to control the tension of blood vessels, relaxing them to accommodate blood volume.

Woman Sleeping 2002Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Magnesium is involved in nerve impulse transmission, enabling a healthy nervous system function.  Many of my clients report a sounder sleep, with fewer awakenings while taking supplementary magnesium.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Magnesium has far, far fewer side effects than anxiety drugs.

Do you get sugar cravings? Magnesium is important for blood sugar metabolism, improving insulin sensitivity. This means it helps cells receive the glucose they need for energy production.

Women: Do you suffer from painful menstrual cramping? The uterus is a smooth muscle that we cannot contract and relax at will. During menses, cramps occur by contraction of the uterus in order to expel the unused blood-rich uterine lining.  If your cramping is incapacitating, you may benefit from supplementary magnesium taken every day of your period.

Those are just a few of the symptoms that I have seen benefit from magnesium supplementation.  It’s natural and safe, with virtually no side effects (compared to muscle relaxant drugs!)

Are all Magnesium Supplements Created Equal?

NO. Every mineral exists as a compound; that is, a combination of mineral and something else. Some compounds, like magnesium sulfate, are stinky and more likely to promote diarrhea. Magnesium oxide is not that well absorbed, and magnesium citrate at least contains the acid needed to dissolve magnesium (the first step to absorption). The best quality magnesium compound I have used in my nutritional counseling practice is magnesium glycinate.  By pairing magnesium with glycine, the smallest-sized of the amino acids, it is more easily absorbed into the body from the intestinal tract.  Here is the brand I like.

By Andrea

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