From Undernourished to Feeling Like Her Old Self Again

“Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing really well with the nutrition plan you gave me for my stomach issues. I’m able to eat more normally now in terms of portion size as well as a variety of foods. I’ve also gained a few pounds. So, I feel like my usual self again. And, I’m thankful to you for helping me out.” Wendy D., Ottawa

Candida-related Multiple Symptoms Resolved

“Andrea I just wanted to say one big thank you for finding the right approach to dealing with my candida overgrowth, as a result of many years of taking antibiotics and proton-pump inhibitor medications, which effectively compromised my gut flora.  The combination of supplements you recommended not only restored my gut but more importantly my overall health. Regarding my diet plan, you were also very thorough and persistent while assisting me in avoiding even the smallest inclinations to ‘cheat’/treat. I am immensely grateful that I followed your advice, but more importantly that I found a highly competent and caring nutritionist. A big thank you!”  Ivaylo Grouev, Ottawa

Period Returns after 6 Months

“I’m very grateful to have encountered Andrea during a time when I was feeling particularly unwell. I had just been diagnosed with PCOS and was dealing with a variety of symptoms that were difficult to manage. She takes into consideration the unique circumstances of each of her clients and adjusts her approach to accommodate their needs. After just a few weeks of working together, I was already feeling relief. I followed her guidance and made some critical lifestyle adjustments that have improved many of my symptoms! I would recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a nutritionist they can work collaboratively with to meet their health goals.”  Crystal, Ottawa, ON

No more IBS, with Weight Loss as a Bonus

“For years, I suffered from chronic diarrhea. My symptoms got worse as the years went by until finally I had intestinal cramps and chronic diarrhea that went on all day, every day. I lived each day in constant pain not able to stray very far away from the nearest bathroom. It seemed that just about any kind of food would trigger intestinal cramps and diarrhea. The quality of my life was terrible and getting worse. My family doctor told me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that I just had to live with it. I got no help and no relief from the regular medical community.

By the time I found Andrea, I was in a dark and desperate place willing to do almost anything to get my life back. Working with Andrea, we changed my diet, added various supplements to improve my digestion, and worked on some lifestyle adjustments.

I followed Andrea’s advice religiously. Over a period of weeks and months, my conditions began to improve and then disappear altogether. First the intestinal cramps stopped. Then the diarrhea began to fade away and my bowel movements became normal. Finally, my problems with terrible gas and constant flatulence went away.  Over a period of a few months I went from desperation and a place of no hope to getting my life back. I am normal now and I have my life back. No more Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

As an added bonus, I went from being morbidly obese to a normal weight.  Andrea provided effective recommendations to me when no one else could. If you read this and you are suffering the way that I did, do yourself a favour and reach out to Andrea. It was a life changing decision for me. And it can be for you, too.

Gary R. – Ottawa, ON

“Andrea helped me identify certain food triggers, walked me through a thorough cleansing programme with no bad side effects. The only (good) effects were fat loss (without losing muscle mass) and improved health.” Geoffrey Eden – Toronto, ON

Chronic Bladder Symptoms Under Control:  “… Ultimately, I don’t feel crippled by out of control bladder attacks anymore, and I have you to thank for that! I don’t think I would have found this solution anywhere else. Whenever I eat fruits or vegetables or drink water with no issue, I think back to the thing that brought me to you in the first place, that I couldn’t eat a clementine without being on the toilet peeing for the next hour!!”  Ella-Ottawa, ON

Chronic Prostatitis Has Resolved:“Having suffered with unrelenting (and often unbearable) symptoms of non-bacterial prostatitis for about a year, I had grown weary of doctors telling me that I should just take pain killers indefinitely. I had noticed that certain foods tended to aggravate my symptoms and this led me to believe there might be a way to control my pain through a proper diet.  After a particularly awful month, I got desperate and went on a quest to find a nutritionist that helped people do more than just lose weight. This is how I found Andrea Bartels. 

She immediately suggested that I make several changes to my diet which helped us track down problematic foods over the next few weeks. She also offered me advice on supplements that helped stabilize my condition. I steadily began to improve and two months later (to my amazement) I was essentially symptom free! About six months later I was even able to slowly reintegrate most of my problematic foods with moderation into my diet. I now eat more or less what I want and just keep in mind the need to diversify my foods so that I don’t overload my system. I still take some vitamin and mineral supplements but other than that I’m completely back to normal. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results and I highly recommend Andrea!”   Maxime – Ottawa, ON

Acne Improved “Immensely”:

“I have always had problems with acne throughout the years. It was putting a weight on my self-esteem. I did not like the way I looked or felt. I’ve tried everything from cleansers, scrubs, creams, to antibiotics. I never thought about changing my diet until I saw Andrea. She was the solution to my problem. Through her program, my skin improved immensely. Some of the adjustments were difficult, but she continued to motivate me to achieve my goal. I gained my self-esteem back, I felt healthier, my body was looking better, and my skin was clear! Andrea changed my life and helped me become confident. I strongly recommend Andrea to anyone who has problems with their skin! 
Alina Chaudhari- Ottawa, ON

No More Constipation:

“…Andrea guided me thru my cleanse and CHANGED MY LIFE!!! The actual results were beyond my expectations. For most of my life I had been plagued with chronic constipation, chronic sinus congestion and chronic fatigue. Never getting any answers from doctors.  The cleanse and advice from Andrea cured by constipation. After years of sinus congestion I was finally able to go without medication...But, my most favourite result of my cleanse was my energy level!  (Before this I was ALWAYS tired.)

Now, I function on less sleep than before, I no longer require naps and my energy level is a 10! With Andrea’s advice and guidance, I’ve changed my eating habits for good!Mena Calarco, Ottawa

Traveling Comfortably Again

It was only after I started working with Andrea that I felt so comfortable with my bowels as to book an airline flight to go on a vacation for a month. I was impressed by the forms that I had to complete before the first consultation, which indicated to me how thorough this first consultation was going to be.”  Alex Bruzzone, Ottawa, Ontario

Digestion and Stamina Improved:

“I just wanted to follow up with you and pass on the good news that the benefits of our work together have been carrying on throughout the year. I have decided to continue on with the gluten free lifestyle since we first started the elimination diet and I am very happy with the improvements I have noticed since doing that. My digestion has improved over the year and I am very happy with the results….I recently completed my first half marathon race in mid October and in general feel that I am in the best shape of my life and plan to continue on this path. Thanks again for all your help.   Jenny M., Ottawa, ON

Athletic Performance and Stamina Improved

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me attain my health and fitness objectives. Over a two year period working with you I am healthier and much fitter.  I never could have imagined how well my fitness and sports performance has improved at 56 years of age.  I thought that those days of athleticism were over.  I am especially surprised how well my hip and back are doing.  When I am riding my bike  I can generate a lot more power in my pedaling stroke – power that I have not felt before!  In addition, my aerobic capacity and endurance has greatly improved.  When I was racing x-country skiing many years ago I would go out strong and then get slower as the race progressed.  Now when I am cycling my endurance and intensity is much better sustained.  

Post exercise I am recovering much sooner.  And because I am lighter now I am having to add weight plates when I do full body weight calisthenics.

My improved nutrition has worked remarkably well!   I attribute a big part of my success to your counselling. When I first met you I completed a health questionnaire and I outlined my objectives. We discussed this and you proceeded to systematically help me to make changes to my nutrition.  You educated me on eating whole foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and ensuring that I was consuming sufficient minerals and vitamins and Omega 3.  During our sessions you were encouraging and  helpful with lots of suggestions and ideas with practical solutions to problems that worked well for me. You are an amazing role model who motivated me to make positive changes to my lifestyle. Thank you for coaching me so well! – your knowledge and your ability to listen and to help me make improvements to my diet has enhanced my quality of life.   Mike Lalonde, Ottawa, ON

“Andrea cared about me as an individual… she didn’t expect me to change overnight. I like her approach to helping people through the change.”
Crystal B. – Ottawa, ON

“Thank You so much for all of the wonderful tips you have given me. I would highly recommend you to anyone that asks me about a Nutritionist!”  Pamela Murray – Ottawa, ON

Weight Loss Goals Reached:

“Andrea Bartels is a top-flight nutritionist who has assisted me immeasurably in transforming myself from someone that was in danger of sliding into very serious health difficulties (stroke, heart attack, cancer) to a person that now is fully cognizant of the consequences and benefits of having a well-rounded diet.  Retaining Andrea Bartels as a valued professional nutritionist is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, namely because the subsequent direct improvement in my health was both immediate and long lasting, positively impacting every facet of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  Chris Alders – Edmonton, ON

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrea Bartels in one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions geared to helping me improve my eating habits and kick-start my long-stalled weight-loss. Andrea was terrific: she was supportive and encouraging while providing sensible, realistic advice… All told, she helped me lose almost 30 pounds, but more important than the weight loss, Andrea has helped me to become more nutritionally informed and has assisted me in making real changes in the way I eat.”
Kim Pittaway – Toronto, ON

More Energy, 25 Pounds Lighter

“Dear Andrea, words can`t express how I feel; I will still try to do so.  About six months ago, I heard about your nutritionist services through a colleague at work who praised the results of the advice and guidance he had received from his consultations.  I was automatically intrigued and wanted to meet you. 

For years I had been wishing to get to my optimum energy level, reduce illness and stress, sleep a full night and get back to the weight I was before I got pregnant with my son some 17 years ago. I tried dieting, vitamins, training twice a day all with no sustainable results. I had always eaten well, lots of water, proteins, vegetables and fruits, and was often commanded for my discipline to do so. I was not over weight but had a few pounds I was hoping to shed off to get back to the weight I was at 35 before my pregnancy.  To do so I sometimes reduced the amount of food intake without any consideration to the balance of protein and vegetable and so forth.  It often felt like I was starving myself to maintain the best weight I had been able to get to.

 I also tried training twice a day almost to exhaustion to burn the extra calories I would sometime take to eliminate this starvation feeling. Little did I know that this approach opened the door to illness such as shingles (half face paralysed from it and temporary loss of sight), anxiety attacks and so forth. 

Within 3 months of my first consultation with you, I had regained my health.  I had energy like I did not recall having since my 40th birthday over a decade ago.  I now sleep better.  The stomach cramps, gas and burps after a meal are all gone and to my delight, I have shed almost 25 pounds that I did not know I was carrying.  I have come down from a size 6 to a size 2 and all of it without any starvation and or excess training.  In the contrary, I eat more than I did before, however, as you recommended I do the good food combinations to ensure all of the proper vitamins and minerals are well extracted during digestion.  I no longer crave for salt and or sugar.  I have equal energy throughout the day. And on top of it all I do not look a day older. In contrary I get compliment on my good looks, the texture of my skin and the new body that I am now walking in.  I feel very privileged to have met you both as a woman and as a recognized nutritionist.  You have made a major impact in my life. Thank you for all your guidance, commitment and belief in me.”

Sincerely, LineOttawa ON
woman with an apple

“…I honestly can’t thank you enough for your advice. After seeing you it felt like the final piece of the previously ‘mysterious’ weight loss puzzle fell into place. (I realized) the one size fits all approach is not appropriate, and that is why I would highly recommend you to anyone. You took the time to talk to me and understand my goals…so thank you once again for everything.”   Emily K. – Canberra, Australia

“I first contacted Andrea to help me get healthier and in the process lose weight. Her nutritional counseling was very valuable to me and I felt that she truly cared about my well being. She gave me the tools that I would need to succeed and helped support me along the way.” Nathalie Tovell – Arnprior, ON

Less Pain, Better Lab Results

“I have seen, through a careful food plan and supplements worked out with Andrea, a reduction in my cholesterol, uric acid levels, and my triglycerides as well as improvements in my liver function. I have also been able to eliminate one of my medications (for GERD) and reduce another two of my medications for pain and inflammation… I finally have hope that I can be fully well again.”  Wendy Saunders – Ottawa, ON

Pain-free after 20 Years

‘Hello all, I just wanted to share my story as an adult with CRMO (chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis) for over 20 years. Over the years, I was getting sick of taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs all the time.  I have also tried every “alternative” option to help with the pain, too. Including massage, acupuncture, seeing an osteopath, seeing a homeopath, everything. Finally, this past May, I decided to see a Nutritional Therapist (Andrea Bartels) to see if changing my diet could help. I was skeptical but I have always known that alcohol was a major trigger for pain for me. So I wondered if anything else could be too.

So I started a strict eating plan (no processed foods, etc.).  I was super surprised that within a week, I felt SO much better. That was almost 6 months ago and I have not been tempted to eat unhealthy again….since I enjoy being pain free SO much.  I wish I had done it years ago….however, I wouldn’t have. Back then chocolate, red wine and Cheetos were my “happy foods” that (for a short time) made me feel “better’ when I was in pain. Turns out my “happy foods” were likely contributing to my unhappiness. It’s a big lifestyle change but I absolutely recommend it.”  Rebecca Varo, Toronto, ON

“I had accepted that walking might become more difficult; I could not do five minutes on the treadmill and my limping was quite noticeable… then Andrea suggested supplements and dietary changes that could reduce the inflammation and pain… as a result, today, I am still walking, running and hiking. I will again participate in the Scotia Waterfront 1/2 Marathon (walking) and am so much looking forward to doing so. Thank You Andrea!”   Dee Mitchell – Toronto, ON

Crohn’s Disease Symptoms Disappeared

Man Chopping Vegetables

“…while my Crohn’s, which was discovered in 2002, was in remission, I was still suffering from Crohn’s- like health issues. The medical specialist could not provide me with a diet.  After tracking my diet for a week, Andrea suggested that I immediately make some specific dietary changes. Within two weeks, the Crohn’s symptoms had disappeared and within a month, I was feeling the best I had felt in many years. Since starting to see Andrea, I have not had a major flare-up of Crohn’s...While I still have much to accomplish, my health and well-being has improved significantly due to the professional advice and guidance provided by Andrea.  Going to see her was one the best decisions I have made in a long time. ”  S. J. Jamie Jamieson, CD – Ottawa, ON

“Andrea helped me identify certain food triggers, walked me through a thorough cleansing programme with no bad side effects. The only (good) effects were fat loss (without losing muscle mass) and improved health.” Geoffrey Eden – Ottawa, ON

Immune Support:

“Andrea has advised me several times over the years regarding my personal meal plan. She integrates my preferences, priorities and needs and provides a plan that is easy to follow and achieves the results I wanted. This past year, Andrea was able to integrate additional components to my plan to enhance my immune system as I work to continue to be cancer free following diagnosis and treatment. She also helped me to re-normalize my gastrointestinal system following my cancer treatments. Thanks Andrea!” Joslyn Brodeur – Ottawa, ON

Supportive and Practical:

“…I have learned a lot from Andrea. I have learned how to adapt my routine so I can have healthier meals and a healthier life in general. I really appreciate all her evaluations, suggestions and advice…she is a great professional.”  C. Gato – Ottawa, ON

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea for all her help. These days so many people are discovering the benefits of nutritional counseling. We’ve learned to read the labels on our food and to invest in better nutrition. Andrea has helped me so much in discovering foods that work for me and that keep me feeling amazing. Thank you so much!” Brittany T.- Ottawa, ON

“When I met Andrea I was aware of some of my health challenges. We worked together to uncover issues I had sought answers for over the years. Andrea is professional, has a wealth of practical knowledge and encourages her clients to engage pro-actively in their own well-being. One of my health providers remarked how my health had improved and I know that the work with Andrea has contributed to this change.” Monique Desnoyers – Ottawa, ON



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